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FDA changes recommended, Christmas Vacation movie BIB wine, NaviLens tech appears on Coca-Cola multipacks and Kellogg’s cereal boxes, QR codes on food packs, paper bottles update, Pepsi’s goals.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, with the most recent “find” for the current month at the top. Come back to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed.

Below you’ll find new packaging developments from companies and brands that include redesigned Plum Organics, Mars’ bars paper wraps, beer’s peel-off sticker labels, baby food packaging market, beverage carton recycling guide, ecommerce pet food chooses new Smart Pail, biopolymer food packaging coating, StarKist Smart Bowls, bubble tea in Heinz ketchup bottles, Cadbury’s bar-wrap breakthrough, PepsiCo’s Día de los Muertos cans and more.

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Unique “streamed” bottled water design.

Independent panel recommends considerable changes to FDA packaging guidance.

France bans disposable packaging, utensils in fast-food restaurants.

Bag-in-box wine packaging mimics holiday movie classic: the Griswold’s house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Use of NaviLens technology by Coca-Cola on Christmas multipacks is an industry first in soda market. Note: see December 14 post below for Kellogg’s use of the tech in US.

Research: Sustainable, barrier food packaging using a paper substrate and PHBV.

Food brands leverage QR-code possibilities on packaging.

Sabic, Scientex team to produce flexible packaging for a Malaysian noodles brand by chemically recycling ‘ocean-bound’ plastic waste.

Readers interest in drinks topics including packaging reflect trends.

Review of alternative beverage packaging including paper bottles.

How AI makes take-out food packaging mores sustainable.

Matsui considers building $550 million bio-PET plant in US.  

Kellogg’s first US food brand using NaviLens tech on packaging.

BASF, StePac partnership brings circularity via advanced recycling tech for nylon film to first customer for MAP-packaged passion fruit. 

Kraken Rum gift tin goes deep in design, taking its cues from early submersibles.  

Koehler’s sustainable oil- and grease-resistant packaging targets fast foods.

Why industry expert recommends wine brands consider PET bottles vs. glass now.

Flexible Plastic Snacks Food Packaging Market at 8.8% CAGR.

Pepperidge Farms packaging dresses up for the holidays.

Pepsi’s bolder sustainable packaging goals.

Genesee Brewery’s new beer can design taps its packaging legacy.

You’ll get a kick out of brewer’s World Cup Qatar edition packaging.

A number of nifty-looking coffee packaging highlighted.

Uncommon spirits packaging design.

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