Food tech in natural products: Precision fermentation market risks – New Hope Network

Food tech. Two simple words that create a buzz phrase zooming into the collective consciousness through media, retail stores and fast-food chains. But what does it mean to the natural products community today? What entices (or frightens) consumers? What do natural products brands and buyers want to see—or not see—in products?

In our new report, Food Tech in Natural Products: Precision Fermentation Market Risks and Readiness, we look to answer these questions specific to the presence of precision fermentation in food. Through an in-depth survey of hundreds of natural products manufacturers and resellers, and 1,500 consumers, we probe deeply into the market risks and readiness around these products and ingredients. And what we find, by and large, is that the natural products community is not ready to embrace precision fermentation. But it’s complicated.

For this report, we compiled:

  • Balanced analysis and reporting on industry perceptions of precision fermentation.
  • 40 pages of commentary and actionable recommendations.
  • 27 data charts visualizing the community response to precision fermentation.
  • 11 role-focused action items.
  • 12 brand and product market manifestations.
  • New Hope Network’s letter to the industry, sharing our perspective and how we intend to respond to what we learned in the analysis.

Download the report today to dig into the nuance and needs for transparency and education.