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IL sees record marijuana sales; WA interstate cannabis commerce & employment protection hearing; MO psychedelics bill reworked

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Wisconsin’s Republican Senate majority leader said his caucus is “getting pretty close” to supporting medical cannabis legalization.

The Washington State Senate Labor & Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on a new bill to protect workers from being fired for off-duty marijuana use, as well as separate legislation on interstate cannabis commerce and equity programs, on Tuesday.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) announced that the retailers in the state sold $143.9 million worth of legal recreational marijuana products in December—a new monthly record. Cannabis sales in all of 2022 grew 12 percent from 2021.

A Missouri representative says he has reworked his bill to legalize psychedelic therapy for the 2023 session and will soon introduce it.

Washington State lawmakers will consider whether to decriminalize drug possession or extend penalties this session ahead of the expiration of a temporary law enacted two years ago in the wake of a state Supreme Court decision that struck down criminalization.


Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use Miriam E. Delphin-Rittmon tweeted, “Marijuana use during pregnancy can be harmful to a baby’s health and cause many serious problems. This #BirthDefectsPreventionMonth, know the risks for you and baby.”

Maine’s U.S, attorney is promoting an event on “the dangers high-potency marijuana poses to youth” on Monday.


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said a small number of Republican leaders are blocking progress on medical cannabis, but touted a new bill that is being introduced on the issue. Separately, the palm cards his administration distributed to law enforcement about his medical marijuana executive order were unveiled via a public records request.

Louisiana’s attorney general issued an opinion determining that in-person doctor’s examinations are not required for issuing medical cannabis recommendations.

Virginia’s chief deputy secretary of agriculture and forestry tweeted about accidental youth cannabis ingestion, saying, “With inaction at the federal level, @GovernorVA @GlennYoungkin is leading the charge to protect children from these dangerous products. He’s included more than $2 Million to tackle this problem in his budget amendments. Legislation also forthcoming.”

Maryland’s Senate president said he’s confident lawmakers will pass legislation to regulate adult-use marijuana sales this year but will likely continue to consider aspects of the issue in future sessions.

Iowa’s House minority leader said marijuana legalization is a priority issue.

Minnesota’s House Democratic–Farmer–Labor majority tweeted, “Cannabis should not be illegal in Minnesota.” Meanwhile, the Senate minority leader is urging Democrats not to “rush” the process for their marijuana legalization bill.

A change in the chairmanship of the Kansas Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee has left medical cannabis legislation’s prospects even more uncertain in the 2023 session.

Georgia lawmakers expressed frustration about the slow roll-out of the state’s limited medical cannabis program.

The Arizona Supreme Court rejected an appeal of a lower court’s ruling that determined a woman who used medicinal cannabis to combat morning sickness during her pregnancy should have her name removed from the state’s child-abuse registry.

Massachusetts officials appointed members to the Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board, including a chair who served as a vice president at Curaleaf.

Connecticut regulators are urging medical cannabis patients to make purchases ahead of the launch of recreational marijuana sales on Tuesday to avoid expected long lines and traffic.

New Hampshire’s Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Oversight Board voted to endorse legalizing medical marijuana home cultivation.

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York published an overdue report on the Cannabis Social Equity Investment Fund.

Colorado’s Intoxicating Hemp and Tetrahydrocannabinol Products Task Force submitted a report to lawmakers.

Washington State regulators are hosting instructional courses and webinars for applicants for marijuana social equity retail licenses.

Alaska’s Advisory Task Force on Recreational Marijuana will meet on Monday.

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New York City officials posted tips on safer cannabis use.


Germany’s health minister pushed back on criticisms of the government’s marijuana legalization plan from Christian Social Union leaders, saying that the plan is “precisely about better protection for children and young people in the controlled legalization, who are now exposed to drug-related crime without any protection.”

Costa Rican lawmakers are considering a marijuana legalization bill that contains provisions authorizing the Tourism Board to promote the country as a cannabis destination.

The Philippine justice secretary’s son was acquitted on marijuana charges.

Spain’s Agency for Medicines and Health Products is late in issuing a medical cannabis report.

A Ghanaian assemblymember who was arrested on marijuana charges allegedly tried to bribe police.


A study found that “cannabis use is associated with same day improvements in self-reported sleep quality, but not pain or depressive symptoms, although sleep improvements occurred in the context of increased frequency of cannabis use, raising the risk for cannabis use disorder.”

A study suggested that “CBD may be an effective option for Asian patients with refractory epilepsy, regardless of diagnosis or seizure type.”


The Democratic Governors Association tweeted that Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) “taken steps to decriminalize cannabis for medical use.”

The Hemp Industries Association announced the results of its board of directors election.


Lantern is ceasing operations.

The Parent Company restructured its relationship with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation LLC and SC Branding, LLC.

Workers at Sunnyside in Buffalo Grove, IL voted to join Teamsters Local 777.

The owner of Shangri-La dispensaries in Missouri said he thinks proceeds from a proposed local marijuana tax in Columbia should be used to support “law enforcement to fight traditional markets.”

Arkansas dispensary sold $276.3 million worth of medical cannabis products in 2022.


Steven Spielberg said he’s “never been stoned.”

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