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Harvest Roots Ferments is celebrating their second anniversary in a HUGE way (we’re talking bottle releases, drink specials and a big-time special guest). Keep reading for how you can celebrate and and get tickets to learn from world famous fermentation expert Sandor Katz on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1.

World-renowned Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz is a New York Times best selling author and a fermentation revivalist. His passion began for fermentation began over two decades ago when he first experimented with sauerkraut.

According to his website, “That first kraut tasted so alive and powerfully nutritious! Its sharp flavor sent my salivary glands into a frenzy and got me hooked on fermentation. I have made sauerkraut ever since, earning the nickname Sandorkraut, even as my repertoire has expanded.”

Sandor Katz, Wild Fermentation

He’s traveled around the world teaching hundreds of food workshops, sharing his knowledge and passion with others. Now’s your chance to be a part of it, Birmingham!

ICYMI, fermentation is the process behind so many foods you already know and love, including:

  • kombucha
  • miso
  • sauerkraut
  • sourdough
  • tempeh
  • wines
  • and more

TWO fun events—get your tickets

Harvest Roots Ferments will be celebrating two years in Avondale all week long with food and drink specials and of course, two events with Sandor Katz:

Hear from Katz on Friday, September 30

Join Sandor Katz for a night of fun at Harvest Roots where he’ll be presenting his research and observations on fermentation from all over the world. There will be drink specials and small plates for purchase.

Attend his legendary workshop Saturday, October 1

No one teaches fermentation like Sandor. Each student at the workshop will be able to leave with a jar of their own kraut-chi after an hour and a half workshop learning from the best. Attendees will bring their own knife, cutting board, and ball glass jar, and they will provide vegetables!

Celebrating two years of Harvest Roots Ferments

Founded back in 2012 by Pete Halupka and Lindsay Whiteaker, Harvest Roots started as a small farm and a dream. They began selling their popular products—kombucha, kraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables—at Pepper Place in 2014 and opened Birmingham’s first kombucha taproom in 2020.

They opened their storefront in Avondale—in the middle of a pandemic—to reflect the things they love most, community and Alabama ecology. According to the owners, community is what the Harvest Roots Ferments’ brand is all about.

Two years of a store like this one deserves a celebration, and that’s what their anniversary weekend will be.

“We are so excited to have Sandor Katz come to Birmingham, Alabama. He has been such an inspiration to not only our company but to so many other companies as well as home fermenters.”

Pete Halupka, Owner, Harvest Roots Ferments

Let’s talk fermentation

For those who aren’t fermentation experts, here’s a little intro:

Fermentation adds new flavors and textures to food, extends the shelf life of foods, makes some nutrients more easily absorbed by the body and provides an environment for probiotics (the good stuff) to grow.

Long story short—fermented foods tase good and are full of amazing benefits. They are incredibly nutritious and probiotic. As for how its done and all the best kept secrets, we’ll leave that to expert Katz.

Ready to celebrate? We will see you there to learn more about fermentation, make our own tasty versions and celebrate two years of Harvest Roots Ferments.

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