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This report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report analyzes the worldwide markets for Food Encapsulation in US$ Million.

The report profiles 35 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • ABCO Laboratories, Inc. (USA)
  • Advanced BioNutrition Corporation (USA)
  • Aveka Group (USA)
  • AVEKA Inc.
  • Balchem Corporation (USA)
  • Cargill, Inc. (USA)
  • Coating Place, Inc. (USA)
  • Encapsys, LLC (USA)
  • Firmenich SA (Switzerland)
  • FrieslandCampina Kievit (The Netherlands)
  • LycoRed Ltd. (USA)
  • Maxx Performance, Inc. (USA)
  • Royal DSM N.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (USA)
  • Symrise AG (Germany)
  • Taste Tech Ltd. (UK)

Key Topics Covered


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations


Data Interpretation & Reporting Level

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics

Product Definitions and Scope of Study


Food Encapsulation – A Quick Primer

Encapsulation Entails Improved Functionality

Global Food Encapsulation Market Set for a Steady Growth

Growing Demand for Health-based Foods Spur Growth in Food Encapsulation Market

Growth Drivers – In a Nutshell

Analysis by Technology

Market by Core Phase

Micro-Encapsulation of Probiotics to Drive Growth

Functional Foods – A Major Growth Driver

Food Additives Propel Market Expansion

Emerging Markets to Take Over from Developed Markets

Market Challenges



Boom in Functional Foods Boosts Prospects

Polysaccharides Shell Material Dominates the Global Food Encapsulation Market

The Emergence of Micro-Encapsulation Bodes Well for the Market

Expanding Applications Drive Product Innovations

Customized Encapsulation to Unlock Opportunities

Rise of Nanotechnology in the Food Sector Offers Improved Prospects

Nano-Encapsulated Food Additives – An Emerging Area

Nanoencapsulation Vis-a-Vis Conventional Encapsulation Technologies

Nanoencapsulation Improves Delivery and Bioavailability

New Nutraceutical Nanoencapsulation Method to Enrich Transparent Beverages

Marine Nutraceutical Products Offer Potential Growth Prospects

Surging Popularity of Omega-3 as the Most Coveted Heart-Healthy Ingredient Drives Strong Market Growth

Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Drive Demand in Supplements and Functional Foods

Omega-3 Supplementation Essential for Maintaining Cognitive Function in Older People

Encapsulation of Essential Oils – The Future of Food Preservation

Enzyme Encapsulation – The Future of Bakery/Dairy Industries

Popularity of Yogurt to Promote Encapsulation Technologies

Promotional Programs & Innovations in Flavors Spur Growth

Yogurt Drinks: A Market with High Growth Potential


The Field of Encapsulation Marked by Innovation Galore

Nano Liposomes to Encapsulate Preservatives

Erythritol Crystals to Improve Flavor Encapsulation

Smart Capsules to Improve Bioactive Ingredient Delivery

New Technology Enables Sprinkling of Supplements on Foods


Safety Issues – A Major Concern

Do Existing Regulations on Nano Foods Suffice?


Microencapsulation – A Boon for the Baking Industry

Encapsulation Gains Prominence in the Delivery of Botanical Products

Novel Method Developed for Use of Agro-waste for Probiotics Encapsulation

Enhanced Nanoencapsulation Procedure Finds Use in Food Applications

Nanoencapsulation of Omega-3 Fatty Acids using Whey Protein

New Nutraceutical Nanoencapsulation Method to Enrich Transparent Beverages

Nanoencapsulation of Tea Catechins – Good Growth Ahead

Select Trends in Other Sectors

Nanoencapsulated Neem Oil to Curb Increasing Menace of Agricultural Pests/Insects

Nanoencapsulation Method to Find Usage in Cancer Drugs



Food Encapsulation: A Definition

Types of Food Encapsulation Technologies

Micro Encapsulation

Micro Encapsulation – Reasons

Micro Encapsulation – Types

Physical Methods

Air Suspension Coating

Pan Coating

Centrifugal Extrusion

Vibrational Nozzle

Spray Drying

Chemical Methods

Interfacial polymerization

In-situ polymerization

Matrix polymerization

Macro Encapsulation

Nano Encapsulation

Hybrid Encapsulation


Spray drying


Fluidized bed coating

Spray cooling/spray congealing

An Overview of Encapsulation Materials





Food Encapsulation Ingredients – A Brief

Food Encapsulation Packaging – A Brief

Food Encapsulation – End Users & Applications


8.1 Focus on Select Global Players

8.2 Recent Industry Activity

Tesseract Unveils Line of Supplements Based on a Patent Pending Encapsulation Technology

Bega Cheese Unveils Novel Form of Microencapsulated Infant Formula Ingredient

AnaBio Inaugurates New Facility in Ireland

Frutarom Buys AB Biotics’ Micro-Encapsulation Technology

Firmenich Officially Opens New Plant for Encapsulated Flavors

Balchem Acquires Innovative Food Processors

Croda Buys Inventiva’s Encapsulation and Delivery System Technologies



10.1 The United States

A. Market Analysis

Boom in Food & Beverages to Drive Encapsulation Technologies

Growth in Food Additives Market Bodes Well for the Encapsulation Technologies

Favorable Diet Trends Offer Growth Avenues

Profile of American Functional Food Consumers

Health Concerns among American Consumers

Prominence of Gut and Digestive Health Products Offers Prospects for Encapsulation

Growth in Flavors Market to Promote Demand for Encapsulation

Flavor Innovations in Dairy Products to Promote Encapsulation Technologies

Opportunity Indicator

B. Market Analytics

10.2 Canada

A. Market Analysis

Yogurt Sector Offers Market Potential

B. Market Analytics

10.3 Japan

A. Market Analysis

Flourishing Probiotics Market Signals Opportunities

Yogurt Sector Indicates Market for Encapsulation Technologies

B. Market Analytics

10.4 Europe

A. Market Analysis

Europe – A Land of Opportunities

Changing Demographics to Propel Market Growth

The European Food Additives Market – A Review

Flourishing Functional Foods to Drive Demand

Popularity of Probiotics Bodes Well for Encapsulation Technologies

Enzymes Market in Food Applications to Offer Growth

B. Market Analytics

10.4.1 France

A. Market Analysis

Functional Foods Market: Opportunities Galore for Encapsulation

French Health and Wellness Foods & Drinks Market: A Macro Perspective

B. Market Analytics

10.4.2 Germany

A. Market Analysis

Demand for Functional Foods Drive Market for Food Encapsulation

B. Market Analytics

10.4.3 Italy

Market Analysis

10.4.4 The United Kingdom

A. Market Analysis

Booming Functional Foods Market Bodes Well for Encapsulation

Growth Drivers

The Rise of Yogurt to Unlock Prospects for Probiotic Encapsulation

B. Market Analytics

10.4.5 Spain

A. Market Analysis

Flourishing Functional Foods Market Opens Up Avenues

Spanish Market for Health and Wellness Foods: A Macro Perspective

B. Market Analytics

10.4.6 Russia

A. Market Analysis

Rising Demand for Health and Wellness Products Drives Encapsulation Market

B. Market Analytics

10.4.7 Rest of Europe

A. Market Analysis

Encapsulation Market Driven by Popularity of Functional Foods and Drinks Market

B. Market Analytics

10.5 Asia-Pacific

A. Market Analysis

India & China Offer Significant Growth Opportunities

Substantial Growth in Functional Foods Offers Prospects

B. Market Analytics

10.5.1 China

A. Market Analysis

The Chinese Functional Foods Market Signals Opportunities for Encapsulation Technologies

Boom in Food Additives Market to Drive Demand for Encapsulation Technologies

Chinese Market for Health and Wellness Foods & Drinks: A Macro Perspective

Chinese Market for Yogurt – Yet to be Tapped

B. Market Analytics

10.5.2 India

A. Market Analysis

Growing Popularity of Functional Foods Bodes Well for Encapsulation Technologies

Booming Food Additives Market Offers Prospects

B. Market Analytics

10.5.3 Rest of Asia-Pacific

Market Analysis

10.6 Latin America

Market Analysis

10.6.1 Brazil

A. Market Analysis

Surge in Functional Foods to Benefit Encapsulation Technologies Market

B. Market Analytics

10.6.2 Rest of Latin America

A. Market Analysis

Mexico’s Thriving Functional Foods Industry to Fuel Encapsulation Technologies

B. Market Analytics

10.7 Rest of World

Market Analysis


Total Companies Profiled: 35 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries – 38)

  • The United States (22)
  • Canada (2)
  • Europe (10)
    • Germany (2)
    • The United Kingdom (2)
    • Spain (1)
    • Rest of Europe (5)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (2)
  • Middle East (2)

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